The UP Creative Marketing Assistant Program allows you to have actual employees working for you! Our service is based on an Independent Contractor agreement that employs UP Creative, Inc. as an independent contractor to work for you. One of the big benefits of this is our services are 100% tax deductible as business and employment expenses! Per IRS and US Federal independent contractor laws, every customer who spends more than $600 annually will receive a pre-filled 1099 from UP creative, Inc. at the end of the year to file with your taxes and deduct our employment wages as business expense employees. We are not your vendor or 3rd party service, but your EMPLOYEE - waiting and eager to work for you!


You’re a sales professional!

Let an UP Creative Marketing Assistant help with your marketing.

As a real estate sales professional, your talent is best used when focused on prospecting and selling! Trying to find the time to market yourself and your business can be a real challenge. The UP Creative Marketing Assistant service is staffed with a trained team who can complete a multitude of marketing tasks for you, so you can focus elsewhere.

From promoting your capabilities to marketing your properties, creating stellar listing presentations to helping you reach people in your sphere of influence, UP Creative Marketing Assistant can help you. They are available by email or chat for enrolled participants.

Your UP Creative Marketing Assistant will handle your marketing and day to day promoting for you. They’ll also work with a multitude of social media platforms to help you promote yourself, market your listings and build relationships. The result? More effective marketing and time for you to concentrate on selling and networking to generate more business!

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