General Questions

What is the UP Creative Marketing Assistant Service?

The UP Creative Marketing Assistant Service is a subscription based service that gives paid users access to a team of live, professional marketing and web marketing assistants. The service is available to individual agents and brokers as well as company plans that give a broker/owner the power of consistent company wide marketing and recruiting services through a customized portal and management over their unique system. Subscribers have access to live assistants by email and through individual dashboards 24/7 and live chat with assistants Monday thru Friday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm EST. The Marketing Assistants' mission is to truly be a 'Professional Marketing Assistant'. They will not only provide the online marketing, your brands intranet tools, and website management you need done, but will also guide you to the best overall marketing strategies, tools, and services to help generate more business.

How can Brokers and Agents Enroll?

For individual accounts for both brokers and agents, you can easily enroll on www.UPCAssistant.com by selecting the 'Enroll Now' tab at the top of the page or from the pricing page located here: http://upcassistant.com/pricing.html. Brokers/company owners wishing to enroll for a customized company package for their office or company can also sign up directly on www.UPCAssistant.com or you can also CONTACT US to request a demo and more information and we can enroll you over the phone as well. All Company plans come with specialized set up and training at no additional cost.

What agents are eligible to join? Are there any restrictions to brands?

Any agent or broker under any brand can join and use the UP Creative Marketing Assistant Service. We do cover most brands intranet and tools in our service list but will require your granting access and permission for us to access and use those tools on your behalf which is done on signup by agreeing to the terms and conditions. If you don't see your brands tools listed on our menu of services here: SERVICES then please just let us know as we are adding services all the time and will do our best to accommodate our customers.

Where can I go for more information before joining?

You can engage and chat with a live Marketing Assistant and ask any questions you want Monday thru Friday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm EST right on the website here by clicking on the Sales Live Chat Widget. You can also CONTACT US and request more information via email.

What will the Marketing Assistants do for me?

Your UP Creative Marketing Assistants will not only do your tasks for you but they will also GUIDE YOU on suggesting tasks that could assist in increasing your sales and marketing and nourish your networks and contacts. The Marketing Assistants job is to truly be an 'assistant' and help you in your overall marketing, online presence and sales efforts. Their mission is to provide you with access to the best marketing practices available through our extensive menu of services. CLICK HERE for the current list of covered services that the UP Creative Marketing Assistants can do for you and remember, we are adding new services all the time and welcome suggestions from our subscribers for more features and covered services.

Is the UP Creative Marketing Assistant Service a 'Help Desk'?

Absolutely NOT. The UP Creative Marketing Assistant Service is not designed to give you 'help' on how to do what you need, but here to do them FOR YOU. We will take your input of course and tailor our work to fit your personal vision of excellence, but we are definitely here to do your marketing and web work FOR YOU. We want to free you up focusing on sales and networking yourself while we take care of the necessary 'details' to make that happen and support your efforts online and branding you as a top agent or company. Let's face it, not one in the history of Real Estate transactions ever woke up and said, "Honey, thinking of selling the house - let's give a struggling agent their big break..." No, we understand the public wants to work with a 'top' agent and our job is to brand you as a top agent across the world wide web and help you with your marketing tools so that top brand is realized in everything you do.

Do I need to give the UP marketing Assistants my usernames and passwords to my online services?

YES - we need access to your tools, brand intranets, and services in order to professionally use them on your behalf for you. But rest assured, your information is safe and secure and will NEVER be shared. Your log in information for your accounts is stored through your own personal dashboard and is 256-bit encrypted with the same security your online banking uses so your information is safe, secure, and in good hands. And YOU manage your own dashboard and you only need to give access to the things you want us to use for you on your behalf. For example: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ to name just a few - if you wish us to provide service for you under those accounts, we will need you to store your login information securely through your personal encrypted dashboard.

When are the UP Creative Marketing Assistants available?

The UP Creative Marketing Assistant Service is a large scale operation and has Assistants working 24/7. You can email or requests tasks through your dashboard 24/7 and we have live operators to speak to you personally through chat Monday thru Friday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm EST.

How often can I use the UP Creative Marketing Assistants?

That all depends on your plan. We have 5 task monthly plans and 10 task monthly plans. It is important to understand that 'tasks' are based around content, not actual work for the specific content. The program gives you 5 or 10 tasks a month to use at your discretion. You can use them over the course of the month, or open 10 at a time if you like. It is completely your choice and you can always purchase more tasks if you need more work done in a single month. Very affordably, you can add 5 additional task to your monthly plan at any time for $140.00 so you can essentially do as many tasks you want in a single month. Please note tasks do not 'carry over’ - so on the 1st day of each month, your task count is reset to whatever your plan is (5 or 10). Tasks are also content related not action related, so a single task could constitute many things done under a single task. Please see the FAQ section 'TASKS' for more info.

How much does the service cost?

The UP Creative Marketing Assistant service was created too be affordable so that EVERYONE would be able to take advantage of the benefits. See the Pricing Page for more information.

If I want the UP Creative Marketing Assistants to purchase services or products like postcards, business cards, domain names, etc to complete a task - how does this work?

Marketing Assistants will never purchase something on your behalf. Assistants will never ask for your credit card information or any other Personally Identifier Information (PII). However, Assistants will do the entire process for you up till checkout and prepare everything for you and then contact you to 'complete' the transaction on your end saving your valuable time and resource.

What is a 'Shopping Cart'?

A shopping cart is any place within an application or tool where items can be stored for future purchase by the agent or broker. UP Creative Marketing Assistants can manage these for you and then direct you to them just for the final checkout and payment phase of the process for you to do on your own securely.

How can I make changes to my UP Creative Marketing Assistant account, like updating a credit card or contact email information?

Through your individual dashboard, you have an 'Update Payment Information' in the left navigation from where you can manage your payment options, and make any changes to your account information at any time. You can also ask an Assistant to help you with that as well.

Where are you Located?

UP Creative Marketing Assistant program is operated by UP Creative, Inc. which is a California based corporation with global locations in the USA and abroad.

Why do I have to provide the UP Creative Marketing Assistant Service with so much info - it feels like I am doing the work myself?

In most cases, we need you to initially set up all your information in your dashboard (like account info for all your social networks, 3rd party tools, and Website hosting companies) from you in order to do the best job possible and get access to these accounts for you. Once you have set them up in your dashboard, we will only require you to update them if there are any changes such as if you changed your password, etc. Marketing Assistants do not have access to your MLS due to security restrictions, so they don't have access to certain information unless you provide it. For example, there is no way for a Marketing Assistant to manage your local MLS tools without login access to that system. There is also occasions when we will want your 'approval' before publishing something live. Like making major changes (or creating) in your website, or a property flyer, listing presentation, or anything else we feel your final 'approval' is warranted before we blast your stuff out across the world wide web. In most cases, we always ask you when starting a task, do you want us to just go ahead and publish this or send you an approval first?

Can the UP Creative Marketing Assistant Service manage the domain names I have with other companies?

The UP Creative Marketing Assistant Service can perform tasks and domain management & pointing requests for the following domain registrar companies:

  • Sliding Social
  • Agent Control
  • UP Creative, Inc.
  • Go Daddy
  • Hostgator
  • Network Solutions
  • DreamHost
  • eNom
  • 1 & 1

You will be required to provide your log-in credentials via our secure system so we can perform tasks on any of the 3rd party domain service companies listed above. The UP Creative Marketing Assistant Service cannot currently support any tasks for domain services outside of the companies listed above. We can and will also support any websites through any of the 3rd party vendors (like Market Leader) that are on our service list as well. As we are always increasing our service levels and availability, please check back for updates to the service list on our SERVICES PAGE.

What does a 'SUSPENDED ACCOUNT' mean?

When your billing is unable to be processed for the month; your account will go into "suspended" status. You will be notified in an email from noreply@upcassistant.com. There are several reasons why this can happen, in most cases it's a simple matter of your credit card on file expiring and needing to be updated in our system. You can update your payment information by logging into your individual dashboard in www.Upcassistant.com and clicking the "Update Payment Information" menu. Usually - also when you try to log into a suspended account, you will prompted with a widget to update with instructions and links to do so quite easily and quickly. Once you have successfully updated your payment information, your account will be immediately reinstated.

In the event of a past due amount you waited to update past the current billing month, When your credit card is updated, you will be notified of the amount past due. The past due amount will be charged to your card when you update your payment details. If you have any questions, please contact us by email or chat. These instructions are for individual subscribers. If you are a company plan - you will update your payment preferences when you attempt to log into your company dashboard and you will also be contacted via email, and you can contact us to help you update.

Is there a limit to the number of tasks I can have an UP Creative Marketing Assistant working on at one time?

Nope - you can request as many tasks as you have available at any time.

What is the Individual Subscription cancellation policy?

You have 30-days from the start to cancel without consequence. The 30-day trial period will begin from live launch date. On the 31st day from start of services, the annual commitment contract applies.

List of Holidays

  • 07.04.2015 (Saturday) - Independence Day
  • 09.07.2015 (Monday) - Labour Day
  • 11.26.2015 (Thursday) - Thanks Giving Day
  • 11.27.2015 (Friday) - Day after Thanks Giving Day
  • 12.25.2015 (Friday) - Christmas
  • 12.26.2015 (Saturday) - Day after Christmas (If Weekday)
  • 01.01.2016 (Friday) - New Year
  • 01.18.2016 (Monday) - Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • 02.15.2016 (Monday) - President's Day
  • 05.30.2016 (Monday) - Memorial Day


What is a task?

A task is specifically defined as those items that are listed in the "Menu of Services". It is important to remember that tasks are 'CONTENT' based and not 'Action' based. For example, if you have a new listing and you want to market it to 20 social networks, it would not be 1 task for posting on Facebook, 1 task for posting on Twitter, 1 task for posting on LinkedIn, etc. It would be 1 task for posting on all 20 networks or 1 task for scheduling to post multiple times on all 20 networks. If you wanted to send out a newsletter, e-Blast, or communication to your client list - it would not be 1 task for each person sent to, it would be 1 task to send the content to everyone on your list. If we are 'updating your website' (you wanted to add something new) - that would be one task - but if we were building out your website for the first time (setting it up) - that would also be just 1 task.

Can monthly or extra purchased tasks carry over from month to month if they are not used?

No. Tasks do not 'carry over' from month to month - on the 1st day of each month, your task count is reset to the number of monthly tasks you are entitled to based on the plan you have subscribed to (5 or 10 task plan).  If you purchase additional 5 block tasks to add to your monthly task count, those tasks also have to be used during that billing month. Each month on the 1st - your available task count will return to your subscription rate (5 or 10).

Where can I find out how many tasks I have remaining during the month?

In your individual dashboard, you will see complete task details including the status on current tasks and how many you have left available for the month. Here you can also purchase more tasks, and communicate on existing tasks, answering any questions relating to them, as well as order new tasks and more management features for your account.

What is a 'Session'?

A 'Session' is considered any period of contact with an UP Creative Marketing Assistant through live chat or dashboard communication. There is no limit on 'sessions'.

What if my task request is not the Service List? Can I receive marketing assistance for tasks not listed on the Menu of Services, e.g. - making outbound calls to my customers, contact, etc?

No. UP Creative Marketing Assistant services are limited to those items specifically listed in the Menu of Services. Requests to make additional services available should be submitted to the Assistant and will be evaluated for inclusion on the menu in the future. We are adding new services as the demand becomes evident so please voice your opinions to us - we welcome them!

When I request a task like to create a flyer, how is the completed item delivered back to me?

Completed flyers are sent via email in one of three formats:

  • PDF
  • Image Format (JPG, PNG, GIF)
  • URL to copy and paste into your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer). This method is only used occasionally.

PDF: These flyers are not editable and must be opened using Adobe Reader.

Image Format: You can open these flyers in any image program already installed on your computer. These flyers are editable.

URL: If the file is too large for standard email delivery, we email you a link. You can access the file by pasting the URL into your browser.

What if I schedule a task that falls on a holiday or when the live assistant hours are closed?

Not to worry, because we use Sliding Social for your social media marketing, scheduled task are automated and go out on schedule regardless of any human interaction. If you have a scheduled task that is not automated and requires human interaction that falls on a closed day because of a Holiday, that scheduled task will be moved to the next business day following the holiday.

Company Plans

What is a Broker/Company Subscription Package?

The UP Creative Marketing Assistant ("UPC MA") Company Subscription Package ("Company Package") enables a broker/owner to subscribe and pay for multiple individuals within their company at a discounted rate. The package(s) are available based on minimum committed licenses of 5, 10, 20, 25, 50 respectively, under 5 or 10 task monthly plans. The minimum commitment dictates the set monthly pricing (rate) per user. An unlimited number of user licenses may be added to any Company Package at any time during the annual commitment. The company plans comes with a unique Company Dashboard that allows the company to administer and manage their company account. Company plans have special features such as predefined lists where the company can assign tasks to agents under the company and universal tasking allowing the company to mass market listings and company marketing through all agents under the system. The Company packages also include recruitment, new hire, and training features and a reporting aspect on all usage and management of users in the system. Broker or admins assigned by the broker can add and edit users at will and manage all aspects of their account. Please CONTACT US for more information and to schedule a demo.

How is a company sponsored plan different from an individual agent plan?

The major difference between a UP Creative Marketing Assistant Company Subscription Package and an Individual Plan is billing. Users on either plan will enjoy the same UPC MA service experience, including having 5 or 10 marketing tasks per month depending on the package subscribed to. An Individual Plan user is responsible for their bill, which is billed monthly with an annual commitment. If an existing UP Creative Marketing Assistant individual user switches to a UP Creative Marketing Assistant Company Subscription Package, their individual monthly billing (and annual commitment) is immediately terminated, along with any unused marketing tasks. A new set of 5 or 10 marketing tasks (dependent upon company package subscribed to) will be assigned to "new" user as part of their Company Package. A Company Package is billed in bulk for all users signed up by broker/owner/manager. Broker is responsible for monthly bulk bill and annual commitment. Broker/owner/manager has control of all licenses within package, and may exchange users at their discretion. The other main difference is the exclusive features of the program targeting recruitment, new agent hires, and increasing production & performance levels features found in the company package systems. The company package system has the ability to market across all networks of all users. As an example, a broker with a company package of 50 users could market every single new listings to 1000 social media sites 3 times a day for 3,000 indexed web pages in google every single day! The marketing power of the UP Marketing Assistant company package options is remarkable on a company level when it comes to SEO, Marketing power, trending, and exposure online.

What if a broker wants to purchase a package and put more agents on the package?

The packages dicate the price point, not the number of users. Your 'minimum' selection should be based on your office size to take advantage of the lowest possible price point but you are unlimited in the number of licenses under any package. Each package has a required minimum of 5, 10, 20, 25 & 50 users, respectively. The broker will be charged for all minimum licenses on a monthly basis, with an annual commitment. You are not limited to the number of licenses you can have. Your package minimums indicate your pricing level, NOT your usage rate; you are allowed to have unlimited number of licenses under your pricing plan. The broker can add and delete users anytime. No matter when users are added, the anniversary date will be the initial set-up date of package. Brokers will be able to add an unlimited amount of agents no matter which volume package they choose. Although they may eclipse the thresholds, respectively, they will still pay the (discounted) price of whichever package for which they originally signed-up. You will be billed monthly for the minimum amount of users or the actual number of users - whichever is greater.

What if a large Broker/Company wants to purchase a company package for 100+ agents?

The UP Creative Marketing Assistant service is available for brokers interested in subscribing to a company package for 100+ users. Though our standard package discounts go to 50+ agent packages, It is not uncommon for larger size companies to have their own unique interfaces and marketing needs and price points. This is why contracts and associated pricing will be negotiated on a per company basis. Please click here to fill out the contact form and you will be contacted to discuss your needs.

What is 'Set Up' as it relates to an UP Creative Marketing Assistant Company packages and are there fees?

"Set Up" for a UP Creative Marketing Assistant company package relates to the time/administration required for UP Creative Marketing Assistant to prepare company administration panel. Set up time will vary per broker based on requirements and schedule, broker training of the panel, and the registration of the agents within their panel is included in the set up. There are no extra fees for this process and the process involvement is dependent on the size of the company and complexity of any special features or services in the system.

How long is the UP Creative Marketing Assistant Company package control panel training?

Training for a company control panel is assigned after a broker has signed a contract for service, and provided payment information. Length of time for training is based on the requirements of individual brokers. Average training time is about 30-45 minutes.

What is the Company Package cancellation policy?

You have 30-days from the start to cancel without consequence. The 30-day trial period will begin from live launch date. On the 31st day from start of services, the annual commitment contract applies.

How are mergers and acquisitions handled as they relate to UP Creative Marketing Assistant Company Plans?

There is no issue as our services covers almost all brands. It will simply be a matter of updating your information for your account and preferences in your admin control panel for your users. We will help you with the transition and updates and it usually takes as little as 48 hours.

What is a 'Pre-Defined Task List'?

This is a great feature of all of our company admin accounts and allows you to set pre-defined tasks for your independent agents, support staff and even office managers quickly and easily. You also have the ability to choose a proactive or reactive approach to customizing how the service will fit your company needs.

How many tasks do my agents get if I start my company plan in the middle of the month?

Each agent is allotted either 5 or 10 tasks per month, depending upon the plan the company subscribes to. Tasks will reset the beginning of a new month. For Example: Company signs agreement on 10/15 for a 10 task per user per month plan. Each agent is given 10 tasks to use for the partial month of October. On the beginning of the next month (11/1), the task count will be reset to 10 for the month of November and will reset at the beginning of each month depending upon the number of monthly tasks allotted under their plan.

Can my agents independently buy more tasks?

Absolutely. As the company plan administrator, you are only responsible for the minimum or actual user count (whichever is higher) each month and the tasks associated with that plan. (10 or 5 task plan) At any time, agents can purchase additional 5 task blocks themselves and apply those task credits to their individual dashboards. Payment is their responsibility and done individually through their dashboards with no financial responsibility to the company.